The Journey of Restoration

Welcome to The Casey-Pomeroy House Bed & Breakfast, located in Toledo, Ohio, and built in 1870. My partner, Stu Cline, and I started our journey of restoration in 2003 when we fell in love with the house after a chance tour of the property.

It was virtually abandoned and had been vacant for 8 years. We already lived in a historic home in the neighborhood and had driven by the house thousands of times. We never really paid it much attention. It’s hard to believe now that a 14,000 square foot house was unnoticeable, but it was hidden behind much overgrown foliage!

We were stunned by the beauty of the interior—well, okay, it wasn’t so beautiful at the time—but I could see it! It was obvious that this house was once a Grande Dame of Toledo, as its history confirms. However, now it was a sad house in very poor condition. Not that we needed another house, but I decided that this house needed me—actually you could say that the Casey-Pomeroy House “chose” me.

After skillful negotiation with an owner who wanted way too much money for the house, we embarked on our journey—not really knowing at the time what we would do with it. Over the course of the last 4 years, while supplementing our funding with events like Victorian Teas, parties and other events, it became obvious that the house likes to have people, lots of people, in it.

In fact, it takes on a whole other personality when laughter and the buzz of activity fill the house. It was clear that The Casey-Pomeroy House Bed & Breakfast needed to be shared.

While the journey is not quite finished, we are open for business. Your patronage not only helps us continue our restoration efforts—which are expensive—but helps us with emotional support as well.

You are welcome anytime!
Sue Burkett