Guest Comments

Ted J. Ligibel

As someone who has watched this property evolve over 35 years, I can’t express how remarkable I find the current restoration. I watched as this magnificent house deteriorated and lay vacant. The Casey-Pomeroy House is the best example of the Italian Villa Style remaining in Toeldo (there were around a dozen originally, but only two remain). When the current owners decided to undertake its rescue, a great service to the community was realized. Their work is a testament to tenacity and a firm belief in the importance of Toledo and the Vistula neighborhood’s cultural heritage. To see the house emerge as a first-class Bed & Breakfaxt is nothing short of remarkable. Well done!

Ted J Ligibel, PhD
Director, Historic Preservation Program
Eastern Michigan University
Toledo Preservationist, 1974-1991

Frank B. Gilbert

The restoration of the Casey-Pomeroy House is a remarkable story. I have watched with admiration the determination and the skill that have revived this historic landmark. With loving care, this house has been rehabilitated, room by room. With attention to every detail, the owner has taken an empty, deteriorated building and created a new use that is a valuable contribution to the city. My preservation work has taken me to all parts of the country, and the Casey-Pomeroy House is the best restoration that I have seen.

Frank B. Gilbert
Senior Field Representative
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Sandra R. Viau

Sue and Stu — I just wanted to thank you both again for a wonderful experience at your gorgeous home. I can’t wait to come back and I may actually find excuses to stay overnight in Toledo. Sue your granola cereal was awesome. I am looking forward to having some tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for the package of cereal! Judy was wonderful this morning and she shared with me the very sad story regarding the Carrington house. That is so unfortunate! By the way, I have not slept so well on the road in a very long time. The bed was so comfortable. I look forward to meeting again in the very near future and Stu — that Chapel better be finished!!!

Kindest regards,

Amy Brooks


I wanted you to know that on our drive back to Columbus yesterday, Chris said that our stay Friday night was “one of the highlights of the year.’ 🙂 We seriously had a wonderful time. We were trying to remember the last quiet breakfast we both had together — and we couldn’t. The food was lovely and the house, I think, is magical. It was such a thrill to discover the house and then to discover each other again in the course of our stay. Thank you for everything you did to make our time so enjoyable. We look forward to our next visit!!!


Tim & Jerie Green, Madison, Ohio

We’ve stayed at the Casey-Pomeroy House twice now, a year apart, and it’s been fascinating to see the progress of this ambitious renovation, an outpost in the redevelopment of the Vistula Historic District, just up the hill from downtown Toledo. We felt absolutely pampered in the Grand Suite and its marble-floored bathroom. You sense the memory of other lives in the echoing halls. Breakfast was fun—this is the first time there have been other guests. We’ve stayed in several bed-and-breakfasts, and Pomeroy House is one of the most memorable. We are looking forward to new chapters in Sue & Stu’s urban adventure!

Tim & Jerie Green